Single Mothers Support Group (Queens, NY)

Are you a Single Mom who would like to get to know other moms in your situation? Do you want to share ideas with other Single Moms? Well, check out our online support group for Single Mothers! This is an online support group for single mothers to network, share ideas, thoughts and experiences. I have been a single mother myself for 16 years and I always find that it is so beneficial to share ideas, experiences and get advice from other mothers in similar situations.

You will find understanding and compassion in our group. We have online chats, discussions and a very active message board. We also host monthly support group meetings in the NYC area(all boroughs).

Our members also have a Moms Only Night Out On The Town (without our children) and a Family Dinner (with our children) every other month, where we meet at different restaurants in the NYC area (all boroughs), in addition to other new events added each month. Feel free to view and join our group at:

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