Iron Fist Boxing

Iron Fist Boxing is boxing for the new millenia.

It’s boxing combined with martial arts concepts to produce a superior boxing style.I also combine martial arts training with basic boxing drills to produce the best,most economical way of training.I also teach ‘dirty boxing’ for street defense. Learn the art of interception,how to cover and hit,and bob and weave. Also learn the lost art of punching over/under which is very difficult to defend against.

I have over 25 years experience in boxing and martial arts.Other fighting systems I have trained in are: wing chun kung fu,muay thai,jeet kune do,and kali.You come to me and I give you private one-on-one instruction.I also teach equipment training: focus mitts,double-end ball,jump rope,etc.

Rates are $250 for a 10 lesson package or $35 per lesson;pay as you go.I am located in college point,queens.Whether you want to utilize boxing for the ring,the street,or just to lose weight and get in shape then my system is for you.

Call: 347-599-4822.

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