Fix your car for cheap (Queens)

Hey guys, I know you guys are tired of paying high prices to fix your cars. Well, if that is the case and you guys would like to save some money, why not bring your car by to be fixed for cheap rates. We offer cheap rates on many services:
brakes=$50(front) and $50(rear)
shocks and struts= $50 per strut or shock
timing belt= $200
water pump= varies form $100-200 (depends whether your water pump is internal or external)
coolant flush= $40
a/c recharge= $20
oil changes= $10
tune ups= 4cyl engines ($60) 6cyl engines($80) 8cyl engines ($100)
We also do body work, price varies upon car and the amount of damage done.
The prices listed above are for common services if you have any detailed service in mind like sensor changes or head gaskets or any other major service give us an email or call/text at (347)551-7134.(I prefer a text message but if you do not have texting feel free to call)
Thanks look forward to hearing from you guys soon.

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