Sunday, October 20, 2019

What is Guaranteed Lifetime Income?

Guaranteed Lifetime Income as discussed in refers to Annuities designed to make guaranteed lifetime payments (Fixed Annuities) to you the purchaser (or the beneficiary of your choosing), offered by highly rated insurance companies.

You are assured of your security and peace of mind. Annuities offer the security of a contractual guarantee that the insurance company will make the agreed upon payments for as long as you live. Additionally you have the peace of mind of knowing that every month you will receive your benefit payment.

Annuities which feature Guaranteed Lifetime Income take two of the greatest risks retirees face off the table, Longevity and Market Risk. Longevity risk is the risk that you will outlive your savings. Fixed Annuities address longevity through the contract you have with the chosen insurance company which guarantees that you will receive your annuity payments for as long as you live. The insurance company that you choose guarantees they will make the benefit payments for the life of the contract, which is determined by how long you live. Additionally, each state offers a secondary guarantee on annuities and life insurance through your State Guaranty Association. For more information on Insurance Companies and State Guarantee Associations Click Here or go to the 101 section.

Your purchase of an annuity offering Guaranteed Lifetime Income eliminates the volatility of the financial markets. Your income is guaranteed and will not change no matter how the financial markets perform. This feature cuts two ways, you will not experience any upside if the markets go up, but if the markets go down like we have experienced over the past several months your annuity income will not change. The financial markets are volatile and you will witness many ups and downs in the market during your retirement years. For more related information read the Rothrock Report Rothrock demonstrates how balanced portfolios and income annuities perform over any given 30 year period and you will be astonished by the results.

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